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Chief Medical Officer

Brief info

Rosie is a graduate of the US Naval Academy with a degree in Chemistry. She was commissioned as a Naval Aviator and went on to a distinguished career in F-14 Tomcats. A veteran of 23 years, Rosie completed seven Middle East deployments, accrued over 3,000 flight hours and over 700 arrested landings. She has been awarded several of our nation's highest awards for aerial achievement and leadership.

Rosie is currently our eyes and ears on the ground from the lens of medical practitioner. Following retirement, she went to medical school in Seattle completing two concurrent degrees. Rosie is currently following her passion in health care as a primary care provider and acupuncturist in Seattle, WA. A former ultra-distance triathlete, she has melded her military experience with multiple Ironman experiences to the benefit of her patients. She has an intense interest in nutrition/plant medicine, longevity, mental health, sleep, and athletic performance. Rosie has also developed a passion for psychedelic medicine as a treatment for trauma and mental health challenges and is preparing to become a Psychedelic Assisted Therapy provider.

Rosie splits her time between Seattle and Port Townsend on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. She is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and acupuncturist (LAc) in the states of Oregon and Washington active with the Port Townsend Psychedelic Society. She is also active with the US Naval Academy Alumni Association Women’s Special Interest Group and its offshoot, the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Network providing them education and consultation for treatment of trauma.

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  • Suzanne Wright
    Posted October 19, 2023 3:28 pm 0Likes

    Hi. Working on a story about suicide PREVENTION measures in the military for a special PUBLICATION of USA TODay. Seeking two types of sources: soldiers themselves who have ATTEMPTED suicide, and medical PROFESSIONALS with Insights.

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