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Fighter Pilot | Hoodie


Fighter Pilot | T-Shirt



In celebration of Veterans Day, we’re teaming up with Mental Joe to bring you, pilots with a purpose… an exclusive merch line raising awareness for veterans’ suicide & entheogenic medicine.

After TOPGUN pilot Matthew ‘Whiz’ Buckley left the Navy, he struggled to cope with his trauma.

That was until he went on a pychedel*c medicine retreat.

The radical healing he experienced is what inspired him to create No Fallen Heroes. A nonprofit dedicated to helping veterans, first responders, and their families heal from trauma by providing them with grants and resources to use psychedelic-assisted therapy.

22-44 Veterans lose their battle with suicide EVERY DAY.

One is too many…

We know psychedel*c medicine SAVES veterans & first responders’ lives, but it’s difficult to access this healing. That’s why No Fallen Heroes provides grants for these heroes to experience this medicine so they can get the treatment they desperately need.

👉 All proceeds from this merch line will fund psychedel*c healing grants for veterans & first responders.

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