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Have you ever wanted to take a flight in a fighter jet?

Now’s your chance to pull some Gs, fly inverted, and satisfy that need for speed – all while saving lives!


The No Fallen Heroes Foundation is giving donors the chance to fly in our L-39 Albatros with TOPGUN Graduate and Veteran Matthew “Whiz” Buckley.



Make a Qualifying Donation

Sponsor one of our healing retreats with a donation of $10k or more to help save and change a Veteran or First Responders life. All proceeds will go directly to veterans entheogenic medicine treatments.

Brief With Your TOPGUN Pilot

You’ll jump on a call with your pilot, TOPGUN Graduate Matthew ‘Whiz’ Buckley where he’ll explain your flight plan & any other details you need to know before your flight

Get Airborne in the L-39C Albatros

You’ll suit up in your own No Fallen Heroes Flight suit and gear as you take to the skies and experience 1 vs 1 Dogfights, Barrel Rolls, and more!
Our founder, Matthew “Whiz” Buckley, is a decorated Navy “Top Gun” FA-18 pilot. As a Navy fighter pilot, Whiz deployed multiple times, flew 44 combat sorties and found his transition out of the military to be incredibly challenging.
Listen to his story of why he founded the No Fallen Heroes Foundation and his experience with psychedelic-assisted healing.

Our Mission: End Veterans Suicide

We can end suicide in our Veteran and First Responder communities by treating their PTSD, depression and anxiety.
Our Veterans and First Responders put everything on the line to protect our freedom and our communities. We may never be able to repay them for their sacrifices, but we can help them find healing.

Veterans Need
Your Help

consecutive years with 6,000+ veteran suicides
~ 0
updated estimate of the number of Veterans that die every day by suicide
> 1
Veterans have died by suicide since 2001

First-Responders Need
Your Help

more likely to die by suicide than the national average
~ 0 %
of first-responders suffer from PTSD and/or depression
reported police officer and firefighter suicides in 2019
Can I fight a second jet in a ‘dogfight’?:
Yes! We can schedule another fighter jet for the flight and you could even fight a friend for ultimate bragging rights! Reach out to us for minimum donation requirements to schedule another fighter jet. This is GREAT for corporations who want to recognize top notch employees.
Where do I fly?
The jets are located in Pompano Beach, Florida, just north of Fort Lauderdale. You can fly into Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or West Palm Beach.
Will I get sick?
Most likely not! If you’re not having fun, Whiz isn’t having fun so he will fly the aircraft in a safe and reasonable manner. If you’re feeling good Whiz can always step it up! But just in case, remember Whiz’s advice – “Eat a banana for breakfast – it’ll taste the same coming up as it did going down!”
Can I donate for someone else to fly?
Of course! Flights are transferable to whoever you want.
What are the physical requirements?

Please read THIS waiver for more information.

Similar requirements to riding a roller coaster and you must be physically able to climb the ladder into the cockpit. Extremely large or small individuals, Donors who have heart, back or neck trouble or conditions, pregnant women, people who have had recent surgery or an illness, people with casts, braces, restrictive devices or certain disabilities may not be safely accommodated in the aircraft. For example, height requirements are based on the size needed for safety restraints and ejection seat to function properly and the level of maturity usually associated with a certain height. If you suspect your health could be at risk for any reason, or you could aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind, DO NOT FLY. You will be required to sign a waiver and release of liability before the flight.


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