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2023 Annual Debrief

This report covers the impact we had helping over 30 heroes and their families heal in 2023. 22 – 44 Veterans take their lives every day* There is still work to do. 

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Grants Distributed


Dollars Raised



A Statement from our

Commanding Officer

2023 was a historic year for the No Fallen Heroes Foundation. We provided healing grants to over 30 veterans, first responders, and family members, including our first two female fighter pilot veterans. We were also selected as non-profit of the year at the Microdose convention in Miami and secured our IRS approval as a 501c3 non-profit organization

This year we continued to pave the way for more awareness and growth with multiple appearances on different major news outlets, podcast appearances, and speaking engagements at conferences like MAPs Psychedelic Science conference

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Veterans Need
Your Help

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consecutive years with 6,000+ veteran suicides
~ 0
updated estimate of the number of Veterans that die every day by suicide
> 1
Veterans have died by suicide since 2001

First-Responders Need
Your Help

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more likely to die by suicide than the national average
~ 0 %
of first-responders suffer from PTSD and/or depression
reported police officer and firefighter suicides in 2019

Looking into the FUTURE

The Wingman Program

This is a unique opportunity for civilians looking to heal. Civilians who wish to take part in a retreat will do so by sponsoring a ‘wingman’ veteran, first responder, or hero family member. The civilian can go on a retreat with their wingman or go solo.

These retreats will be focused on Executives, Veterans, and Athletes

To become a Wingman, simply reach out to

Extraction is a 6-part reality series following the stories of three of our nation’s greatest heroes as Whiz identifies, extracts, and enlists them in a centuries-old medicine practice that has proven to be effective in healing the effects of PTS and, for some, eliciting a profound spiritual rebirth.

We will discover the origins of this medicine as we travel to the heart of Gabon, Africa. From there we will travel around the world to meet renowned experts, politicians, spiritual guides, athletes, and celebrities who’ve joined Whiz in his mission to ensure there are…. NO FALLEN HEROES


They Served Us, Now It's Our Turn

Our Veterans and First Responders put everything on the line to protect our freedom and our communities. We may never be able to repay them for their sacrifices, but we can help them find healing.

Sponsor one Veteran or First Responder on their healing journey for $10,000

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