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about us

Our Story

Our founder, Matthew "Whiz" Buckley, is a decorated Navy "Top Gun" FA-18 pilot. As a Navy fighter pilot, Whiz deployed multiple times, flew 44 combat sorties and found his transition out of the military to be incredibly challenging. Listen to his story of why he founded the No Fallen Heroes Foundation and his experience with psychedelic-assisted healing.

about us

Our Mission

To end suicide in our Veteran and First Responder communities by treating their PTSD, depression and anxiety through alternative forms of medicine.

about us

Our Vision

Ultimately, our vision is that no Veteran or first responder dies from suicide. We know that healing is possible.

Daily, our goal is to educate and bring awareness to the mental health challenges Veterans and first-responders face every day. We envision a world where these heroes have local access to life-saving psychedelic-assisted therapy.


They served us, now it's our turn

Our Veterans and First Responders put everything on the line to protect our freedom and our communities. We may never be able to repay them for their sacrifices, but we can help them find healing.

*Fiscal sponsorship provided by the Top Gun Fighter Foundation until our 501(c)3 status is granted by the IRS

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