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Early Identification of PTSD

The hope is that by identifying those individuals at risk for long-term, virtually permanent PTSD that treatment can be begun sooner with better results. For this to work, there will need to be…

MDMA Ready to Seek FDA Approval

Long-awaited approval of MDMA for treatment of PTSD may be just around the corner. The psychedelic medicine, MDMA, has passed another controlled trial for treatment of individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder.
It Is OK to Talk About Suicide

It Is OK to Talk About Suicide

An insightful article in Health reports on conversations with three suicide survivors. They say that there are 10 things to know in regard to talking about suicide. The point is that it is…
How Psilocybin Reduces Anxiety

How Psilocybin Reduces Anxiety

At the same time basic research is helping us understand the physiological effects of drugs like psilocybin on a molecular level. A recent study has shed light on how psilocybin reduces anxiety

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